Refractive conditions are extremely common, and occur when the natural shape of your eye does not bend light correctly, which results in blurred vision. This is caused by one of two scenarios. Presbyopia is the natural aging of the eye, resulting in a gradual loss of flexibility in the natural lens. Over time, the natural crystalline lens gradually loses its elasticity and becomes thicker. The curvature of the lens and cornea also change, and the muscles that allow the lens to focus become weak. It may be first noticed around age 40, when the ability to focus on near objects is diminished, and presbyopia can occur even if you have never experienced a vision problem. Patients who experience presbyopia may find it more difficult to read, watch television or drive a car. Performing close-up tasks, such as handwriting or needlepoint can cause eyestrain, a headache or a general feeling of fatigue. While the condition may be mild at first, it can steadily progress until it is difficult to see without corrective eyewear or laser surgery.

Hyperopia, myopia and astigmatism are caused by various errors in the shape and curvature of the eyeball, which stem from genetic factors, environment, disease or trauma. If you are nearsighted (myopia), you may be able to read up close without glasses, but will need corrective lenses to see well at a distance. Farsighted patients (hyperopia) will notice a decrease in their ability to focus on items close to them, but may be able to see well at a distance. People with astigmatism may have blurred vision, which can be caused by irregularly shaped corneas or lenses. This can impact how light is processed on the retina.


During your comprehensive consultation, RGB Eye Associates skilled technicians will perform a series of tests to determine if you are suffering from a refractive condition. Our doctors will ask you about the symptoms you have been experiencing, and recommend the treatment best for you and your lifestyle. Presbyopia, hyperopia, myopia and astigmatism can be treated with corrective eyewear or with LASIK.


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