Patient Testimonials

“I was so excited to learn that there was a solution for the issue I was having with my eyes. As an auctioneer, it is vital to be able to see and focus on your crowd.  You have to be able to quickly see the small gestures that some make to advance a bid and that was beginning to be difficult, especially if it was from the front of the crowd to the back. After Crystalens, am pleased to be able to immediately focus, near and far without difficulty. I hadn’t realized how much I had struggled with my eyes until after the surgery and was so surprised to actually “see” the difference. The surgery was easy and Dr. Burlingame’s team is amazing, answering all questions prior to and the days after surgery. I would recommend anyone having difficulty with their vision talk to the family at RGB. Our vision is a gift and I wouldn’t trust my eyes to anyone else!”

Sara M. Jerome, Col.
Rockin’ S Auction Services
Pottsboro, TX

“After my Crystalens implants, at age 62, I had a surprise coming…I felt like I was 10 years younger!  After only a short while I felt like I had my life back.  I not only could see far, near and in between without my bifocals, the world was bright!  Everything I thought was dim before was bright and every color that was dull before was bright.  The benefits of the Crystalens implant over standard cataracts lenses has to be astounding!  There are many great reasons to choose Crystalens but who could know how underrated they were!”

Kaye Acree

“To anyone who may be sitting on the fence regarding Crystalens surgery, my suggestion would be to definitely do it. The surgery has really made a profound difference in my life. Having a good surgeon and staff makes all the difference in the world for an excellent outcome. Dr. Plauché and his staff are well qualified to make you comfortable from the time you learn you need to have cataract surgery until you’ve completed all follow-up visits. The seeing is ‘great’ and about 85 to 90% of the time I can read without ‘cheaters’.”

Flo Lund

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Over the years, the professionals at RGB Eye Associates have helped countless cataracts and LASIK Durant / Sherman patients achieve clear vision and enhance their quality of life. With a personalized approach to patient care and access to the most advanced surgical technology, Drs. Burlingame, Bossen and Plauché are regarded as the best ophthalmologists in the Sherman / Northeast Texas area. Contact their practice today at 903-892-3282 to schedule a consultation.