Are you nearsighted? Have you found out that you aren’t a good candidate for a procedure like LASIK?

Although LASIK is the most popular vision correction procedure, other options are available, like the EVO Visian ICL. The ICL is an implantable collamer lens that can improve nearsightedness and astigmatism.

You may have questions about the EVO ICL, including how it works, who is a good candidate, and what to expect with it. At RGB Eye Associates, our ophthalmologists in Sherman, Durant, and Denison are experts in implanting the ICL and can help you decide if it’s the correct procedure for you.

What is the EVO Visian ICL?

The EVO Visian ICL is an implantable collamer lens. It is a refractive lens that your surgeon implants in the eye to improve your vision.

When you have the EVO ICL implanted, it’s placed behind the iris and in front of your natural lens. The iris is the colored part of the eye.

The natural lens remains in place. You can have the ICL removed at any time if your prescription changes or if you decide to have it taken out.

What is a Collamer lens?

The ICL is made of a material called collamer. Collamer is a collagen co-polymer that contains purified collagen.

The lens also contains materials similar to what you find in soft contact lenses. One essential advantage of collamer is that it’s biocompatible, meaning it won’t cause a reaction with your eye.

This is an advantage if you’re predisposed to having dry eyes because the Visian ICL does not cause dry eye syndrome. The lens is stable and contains an ultraviolet light filter.

What are the Benefits of the EVO Visian ICL Procedure?

The most significant benefit of choosing the EVO Visian ICL is that it can permanently correct or reduce nearsightedness, allowing you to see clearly at a distance without glasses or contacts. It can also improve astigmatism.

Unlike some procedures, the EVO ICL also provides excellent night vision, so you can drive or enjoy being outdoors at night and still see clearly. The EVO Visian ICL also doesn’t contribute to dry eye, so your eyes may feel more comfortable than they do when you wear contact lenses.

Other corrective procedures can contribute to dry eye.

The EVO doesn’t require any maintenance and will remain in your eye for as long as you desire. If your eye doctor removes the ICL, you will no longer have corrected vision. Because it is reversible, implanting the EVO Visian ICL does not involve reshaping the cornea. Once you remove it, your eyes will return to the way they were before you had the EVO ICL.

Who is a Good Candidate for the EVO Visian ICL?

The only way to know if you’re a good candidate for the EVO ICL is to schedule a consultation with your eye doctor. During the consultation, your eye doctor at RGB Eye Associates will perform a complete eye exam to determine if the EVO Visian ICL is a good fit for you.

This may include your ophthalmologist studying the shape of your eye and then measuring the angle in the front chamber of your eyes. Taking these measurements will ensure there’s enough space to insert the EVO ICL.

The ICL can correct moderate to high levels of nearsightedness. Your nearsightedness should be stable for at least a year. Your prescription for corrective lenses, including glasses and contact lenses, should remain stable for at least 12 months before you can undergo the vision correction procedure.

The procedure is for patients between the ages of 21 and 45. Pregnant or nursing patients should wait at least three months to have the surgery, as it can cause their eyes to change.

Will I Be Able to See or Feel the Lens?

No one will be able to see the ICL after you have it inserted in your eye since it’s positioned behind the colored part of your eye, the iris. You shouldn’t be able to feel the EVO Visian ICL after having it inserted.

The lens won’t move around or attach to anything within your eye.

What is Having the EVO Visian ICL Procedure Like?

Having the EVO ICL implanted in your eye is an outpatient procedure, meaning you can go home the same day. It’s minimally invasive and only takes about half an hour to complete.

Before it begins, your eye doctor will give you eye drops to numb your eyes and dilate your pupils. You shouldn’t be able to feel any discomfort during the procedure.

Your eye doctor will create a small opening at the base of the cornea. The opening is where they will insert the Visian lens.

After making this incision, your eye doctor will fold the lens and insert it, adjusting the Visian ICL as necessary for correct placement in your eye. Once they are confident the EVO Visian ICL is in the right place, the procedure is over. You may start experiencing improved vision right away.

Your eye doctor will prescribe eye drops to help with healing, and you’ll need to attend a follow-up appointment a day or two after going home.

You can’t drive yourself home, so make sure you have a trusted friend or family member that can.

Are Most Patients Happy with the EVO Visian ICL?

Clinical studies conducted in the United States found the overall satisfaction rate among patients with the EVO ICL is higher than 99%. Worldwide, patients have had more than a million EVO Visian ICL lenses implanted. The procedure has an excellent track record for clinical outcomes.

Does the EVO Visian ICL Require Any Maintenance?

After having the EVO ICL inserted, take all medication your eye doctor prescribes. It’s also essential to attend all follow-up appointments.

After that, you should see your eye doctor annually to monitor the lenses. Call your eye doctor immediately if you experience a problem.

Are you wondering if the EVO Visian ICL could be the right vision correction procedure for you? Contact RGB Cataract and LASIK in Gainesville, TX at 903-892-3282 to schedule an appointment with one of our eye doctors.

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